Elizabeth LaCaze

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Elizabeth LaCaze lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she works as a healer and psychotherapist.

In 1999, a friend insisted that Elizabeth read Eliot Cowan’s book, Plant Spirit Medicine, and she soon found herself in a Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner training. Although she has always had a genuine love for plants and trees and all things of nature, at the time Elizabeth was caught up in a busy life and was often disconnected from the natural world.  Learning about Plant Spirit Medicine and receiving treatments woke her up to the timeless magic of the plant world and to the invitation to live more fully, in sync with nature’s rhythms.

As a Plant Spirit Medicine healer, Elizabeth is in awe that this medicine has the capacity to weave together connections between health and the living world. She appreciates that, in these challenging times, Plant Spirit Medicine can bring balance at all levels of mind, body, emotions and spirit and can offer a way home to our own hearts.