The Healing Power of Plants

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Healer Training Courses

Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training Courses

With Eliot Cowan

Classes in progress

Those interested in starting the training please contact Karla Refoxo at


Workshops and Talks

Click below to watch a video of Eliot Cowan speaking about “The Touchless Touch of Plant Spirit Medicine” (a presentation sponsored by the Holistic Health Community in Stone Ridge, NY in January, 2021)


Wisdom of the Divine Natural World

This course is for those who wish to explore the natural world and discover themselves. You may be a beginner or a veteran. You may be a healer. You may have no interest  in healing. You may consider yourself talented or dense, spiritual or mundane. It doesn’t matter. Whoever you are, you are a child of the world, and your Mother has much to share with you.

In this largely experiential course we will delve into:

  • Believing is Seeing and What You See is What You Get
  • The World Forces: Sun, Soil, Mineral, Rain, Growth
  • Emotion – How Do I Touch the World? How Does the World Touch Me?
  • The Voice of the Seasons
  • Learning Plant Spirit Language
  • Plant Wisdom and How to Hear It
  • Dream and Reality
  • Ancestors, Soul and Spiritual Path
  • Time around the Fire

This 5-day workshop is offered from time to time at Blue Deer Center. For more information, contact


Touched by Nature

with Pip Waller and Lucy Wells

The course is designed to deepen connection to these elemental energies as we experience them within ourselves and in the world around us.

We invite you to immerse yourself in each season’s individual flavour and explore your relationship with them, what they bring and how best to harness and understand their particular qualities

This program is offered in different locations and on-line.

For more information, contact:  website: Touched by Nature


Healer Graduate Courses

Plant Spirit Ocean program (virtual)

Come experience Eliot Cowan’s newest ideas about how Plant Spirit Medicine relates with other forms of plant medicine. All graduates are welcome to attend this program.

“Plant Spirits cover the land like a mysterious ocean. Healers have long explored that vast mystery and discovery help for their people in the ocean’s generosity. I constructed a seaworthy vessel and taught you how to navigate it to a place where you found help for your people. Yet much remains to be discovered. If the medicine of the Plant Spirits is to continue into the future it needs to grow far beyond what I have been able to achieve in my lifetime. Much remains for you to explore and discover while journeying on the ocean. The world is counting on you to succeed!”
— Eliot Cowan

Details TBA


Plans for  2021. If you would like to schedule a clinical, skills workshop, or one-on-one supervision work, please contact Jessica De la O at

For more information about other programs with Eliot Cowan (healing camps and animal totem workshops), please click here.