A Webinar for those who have taken the Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training

Connect with the Plants to help the Medicine You Love

As we begin to re-imagine how to make it possible for more humans to be touched by the plant spirits, it seems natural that we, as a community, would ask the plants for guidance.

Linda and KarenThe PSMA and Blue Deer are jointly sponsoring a two-part webinar series for the PSM community to journey to the plants (one that calls you), share those journeys together and in a subsequent webinar, work to integrate the plant advice. Linda Felch, PSMA President, and Karen Milgate, Administrator for PSM, will co-facilitate both webinars. Six CEUs will be offered (3 for each, including the background work).

Here is how it will go:

  • Register here for the webinar series (cost $25). You will receive instructions for signing up with GoToWebinar so you can call in or use your computer. Mark the dates (June 23 & 30, at 3 pm) on your calendar.
  • Second, journey with a plant around the question: What do the plants have to tell us about what is needed to raise awareness around the medicine? Send in your written summary of your plant journey. 
  • Third, show up to the first webinar (June 23) where we will listen to as many journeys as possible. A compilation of written summaries and sharings will be sent out after this webinar.
  • Fourth, show up to the second webinar (June 30) ready to discuss what we have learned from the plant journeys.

Calendar of Classes for Graduates