Plant Spirit Ocean program in Santa Cruz, CA

January 10, 2020

Come experience Eliot Cowan’s newest ideas about how Plant Spirit Medicine relates with other forms of plant medicine. All graduates are welcome to attend this as a separate program and need not be enrolled in the clinical to attend it.

“Plant Spirits cover the land like a mysterious ocean. Healers have long explored that vast mystery and discovery help for their people in the ocean’s generosity. I constructed a seaworthy vessel and taught you how to navigate it to a place where you found help for your people. Yet much remains to be discovered. If the medicine of the Plant Spirits is to continue into the future it needs to grow far beyond what I have been able to achieve in my lifetime. Much remains for you to explore and discover while journeying on the ocean. The world is counting on you to succeed!”
— Eliot Cowan

Part of the program will be outdoors, cost is $50, open to all PSM graduates (active or not), and will include wise words from Plant Spirit healers from around the world. Contact Marilyn Berta at for details.

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Plant Spirit Medicine Clinical in Santa Cruz, CA

January 10 – 12, 2020. This is a great opportunity for PSM graduates to delve deeper into their practice of the medicine, engage in lively discussion and reconnect with fellow healers.

The fee for the three days of the Clinical is $525 and includes the Plant Spirit Ocean program. CEUs: 20 (16 clinical and 4 non-clinical). Contact Marilyn Berta at for details.

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