2018 PSMA Conference

Dates: July 20-23, 2018

Register by June 20th and deduct half of your Plant Spirit Medicine Association membership fee!

Location: Blue Deer Center, Margaretville, NY

We have an exciting line up this year starting with the Talk your Walk workshop on Saturday—led by Alison and Eliot. This workshop will offer you an absolutely wonderful experience that will give you a tool to express your excitement about the medicine to others—whether it’s in an elevator or a dinner party. It offers a great way to talk about Plant Spirit Medicine and will be helpful in attracting clients!

This is followed on Sunday by a two part workshop on Deep Listening. The morning session will be led by Dr. Colin Horn, who is known for his work with healers in different modalities, helping them to work with their clients and allow the client to inform them. He will help us to bring up issues with clients from a place of deeper self-awareness of how the client is effecting us and our own perceptions and patterns.

The afternoon Deep Listening session is called Lose your Mind and Come to your Senses! It will be led by Lucy Wells and Pip Waller, PSM Teacher Trainees from the U.K. This workshop will guide you to feel inside your body and listen from it. This workshop is designed to inspire and to be of tremendous value in your treatment room.

In between times we will build a Plant Altar, dance, journey to the river and perhaps jump in, enjoy a teaching fire, talk, walk, have an evening fire for sharing PSM stories, and participate in a beautiful bonding ceremony.

Earn 20 CEU’s for your Lay Spiritual Healer Certification.

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Calendar of Classes for Graduates

Plant Spirit Medicine Association Conference

July 20-23 2018, Blue Deer Center, NY, Contact

Plant Spirit Medicine Advanced Class

with Eliot Cowan and Alison Gayek

July 23-26 2018, Blue Deer Center, NY, Contact

Plant Spirit Medicine Clinicals for Graduates

(7 CEU hours per day)

Plant Spirit Medicine Clinical with Alison Gayek, April 21st – 22nd, 2018, Buckland, MA, Contact Clare Pearson at