The Healing Power of Plants

Practice & Study

The Plant Spirit Medicine Training Course

Here is a story about Plant Spirit Medicine healing.  It happens to be a make-believe story, but it could just as well have been true:

A man consults a healer.  He says he has glomerular nephritis, and he describes in detail his disease and the depression it is causing him.  “Can you please help me?” he asks.

The healer finds a likely plant and asks its help.

“Glomerular nephritis?” the plant says, “What the heck is that?”

The healer answers that it is a degenerative disease of the kidneys.

“What do I know about kidneys?” the plant says.  “I myself don’t have any kidneys.”

And so the conversation goes until the healer explains that when the patient’s wife died, his life became dark and cold and isolated.  It felt to him as if the sun went out.

“But you, dear plant,” says the healer, “you embody the warmth and joy of sunlight.  Can you help bring that back for this man?”

At that the plant answers, “Of course!  I know just what to do!”

The plant brings back the sun, the man finds renewed warmth, and incidentally his kidneys start to improve.

To come to know what a person needs, and to call on just the right plant to fulfill that need:  this is the basis of the Plant Spirit Medicine Course.

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