The Healing Power of Plants

Healer Training Course


In order to have the skill and confidence to practice effectively, Plant Spirit Medicine students engage in four weeks of clinical work.  During this time, students begin their clinical work by beginning to treat clients under the close supervision of their instructors and by observing treatments.  This affords the student time to hone their assessment skills and learn about treatment planning and practitioner-client relations.  Students are then given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the Chinese pulses and other aspects of traditional five element assessment, as well as the clarity of their relationship with their plant spirit allies.  Building on this, students continue their learning by shadowing treatments and being shadowed in treatments, allowing them to acquire grounding and confidence in the practice of Plant Spirit Medicine.

After successful completion of the eight-week course, PSM graduates begin a period of clinical consultation where they begin to treat clients and have the guidance and support of a clinical consultant to develop effectiveness. You will have the opportunity to receive support on a regular basis, ask questions, consult about difficult cases, follow along treatments, as well as deliver treatments with the consultant following you.

Our curriculum supports students in developing solid technical skills, an identity as a PSM healer, as well as a strong sense of personal integrity, responsibility, connection with the divine natural world and renewed sense of living life in balance with nature.


The Plant Spirit Medicine Training course is designed to teach the lay person how to use plant spirits for healing. It is an intensive course of study in detecting the root of imbalance and using plant spirits to restore balance. It is an effective and elegant form of spiritual healing which does not proscribe or administer substances.

The Course consists of eight one-week teaching sessions spread over approximately two years, with practice and home study between sessions.  Classes are held at the Blue Deer Center, on sacred ancestral land in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York. The Blue Deer Center is the home of Plant Spirit Medicine.

The program is designed so you can study while you continue your current work and is for individuals worldwide.  Graduates will be eligible to become full members of the Plant Spirit Medicine Association, and to receive certification as lay spiritual healers of the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing.

Students learn to use the healing powers in nature to help others.  They re-awaken their senses and learn to detect how the forces of nature manifest in humans.  Students also make relationships with plant allies in order to receive the medicine needed to correct imbalance.

Whether you enroll in this course to become a healer, for personal transformation and self-healing, or to integrate this healing modality into your current profession, the Plant Spirit Medicine Course has the ability to change your life.

How To Register

For more information about the PSM Training Course email:  or call 845-586-3225 ext. 2.

For firsthand accounts and more about the reality behind this transformational, yet gentle healing see the book Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan (1995, Swan Raven & Co).  Order a copy.  You may also order it from

Plant Spirit Medicine Continuing Education

After graduation continuing professional development is encouraged and required to keep your lay spiritual healer status current. Continuing education includes graduate Clinicals, Advanced coursework, Skills Courses, the Annual PSM Conference, and other classes offered by the Plant Spirit Medicine Seminary.

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