The Healing Power of Plants

Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training Course

How will you be able to help your patients?

“Plant Spirit Medicine hasn’t been a miracle cure but, for me, it has been miraculous. After twelve months of regular sessions, my body is beginning to recover ever so slowly. The plant spirits are teaching me patience, and to not expect. The natural outcome of that is to be present, alert to what is. My sessions continue. I no longer look for outcomes as I am experiencing a total different way of connecting to my environment. There have been intense moments of joy in my heart for this life, gratitude for all that I have, and all that is being revealed to me though the work of the plants. After such a long time feeling helpless and at the mercy of this illness, I am finally coming into the light.” Deborah, Shropshire UK

“My name is Deb and I have been receiving Plant Spirit Medicine since early 2016. I came to Clare at one of the worst times of my life. Although skeptical of Plant Spirit Medicine I wanted desperately to feel better. I had a host of ailments (anxiety, panic attacks, poor sleep, stomach issues, vertigo), not to mention having been a caregiver to both of my parents during their final years, along with a very stressful work environment. I was basically existing and hoping everyday to feel well enough to make it through each day. Now as I continue receiving Plant Spirit Medicine, I feel strong, healthy, have energy and enjoy each day. I have come a long way since early 2016 both mentally and physically.”  Deb, Massachusetts USA

 “The kind of life we live today in our society is very different than what any other people have ever lived before.  The particular stresses we endure have squeezed the juice of our connection to spirit…so our medicine needs to be different from what it was in the past because our illnesses are different from what they were in the past.  My training and years of clinical work have convinced me that the overwhelming majority of our health problems, of all kinds—our physical health problems and our mental and emotional health problems – are caused by pain in our hearts, our spirit, our soul…” Eliot Cowan


What is Plant Spirit Medicine?

Humans and plants have lived together for countless generations.  We are family.  Our plant relatives are generous and helpful, offering us food and medicine. Like us, plants have spirit, and their spirit can nurture and heal us.  Plant Spirit Medicine brings us into balance and harmony.  It is the shamans’ way with plants. A millennial practice known to all peoples, this form was rediscovered in the West by Eliot Cowan, and has proved just as effective in today’s world as in times past.

The Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training is one of the programs offered by the Blue Deer Center.  The Blue Deer organizes and sponsors the healer training and is the “home” of Plant Spirit Medicine.

What will you learn in the Healer Training Course?

This course prepares students for a profession as a Plant Spirit Medicine spiritual healer. There are no prerequisites.  Any student who dedicates him or herself to the work will have the preparation necessary to begin practice and help others.



The Plant Spirit Medicine Healer training course consists of the following:

  • Course Work
  • Clinical Work
  • Home study
  • Clinical Consultation upon Graduation

Course Work

Sessions 1 through 4 are dedicated to learning the practice and theory of Plant Spirit Medicine.  During these sessions, students will develop the capacity to understand what a client needs at a fundamental level, as well as the skills to provide it.  This includes:

  • Traditional Chinese Five-element world-view. The five-element approach has stood the test of millennia of use.  It invites us to view the world as a cycle of transformation of the energies of sunshine, earth, air, water, and wood.

The curriculum includes all aspects of five-element theory; the ability to see, hear, smell and feel what a person really needs at a core level; traditional pulse diagnosis; treatment planning, client management and ethics; skills in listening and rapport.

  • Building relationships with plant allies. The healing comes from building relationships with the plant spirits.You will learn how to enter non-ordinary states of consciousness (non-drug induced) in order to apprehend the healing qualities of the spirits of different plants.  Students visit a number of local wild plants and befriend the spirits of those plants.  You will learn the method for expanding and refining your plant spirit material medica with the plants that grow in your own area, enabling you to bring the appropriate plant spirits to each of your clients.


  • How to develop a practice. Students will learn the necessary aspects of opening a practice, including how to give an effective public talk, setting up and managing a successful practice, setting up a treatment room, maintaining clients, setting fees, maintaining ethics of client care, appropriate dress code, scheduling, confidentiality, consultation skills, self care as a healer and professionalism.


The Training requires considerable self-study and homework.  All of the work is directly related to becoming a healer and is necessary in order to practice this medicine.  Expect approximately 6-10 hours of homework per week between sessions—both clinical practice and theory will be part of the work.

Clinical work.

During the clinical sessions (Sessions 5 through 8), students will hone their assessment skills and learn about treatment planning and healer-client relationship.  Putting into practice what they have learned in Sessions one through four, students will treat patients under supervision, demonstrating their understanding of  traditional five element assessment, and the clarity of their relationship with their plant spirit allies. In order to present clients in these sessions, students must have completed all homework and passed the necessary requirements.

After these initial clinical sessions, students will follow a healer in his/her practice order to ground in the real practice of the medicine.  In the final session, the student will lead the treatments under the guidance of a teacher to prepare the student to work on their own.

Graduation and clinical consultation.

When students complete all sessions successfully they will be eligible to graduate.  At this point the student is ready to practice on their own under the guidance of a clinical consultant. The consultant will reinforce what they have learned, provide advice on clients, review treatment charts, answer questions, and provide support in whatever manner necessary. After 6 months of working with a clinical consultant and with their recommendation, the student is ready to work on their own.


Blue Deer plans to offer the next healer training with initial sessions offered virtually, transitioning to in-person in later sessions for experiential learning.


The precise costs have not yet been calculated for these upcoming trainings.  We will update this information as soon as possible.


For More Information

For more information about the PSM Training Course email:  or call 845-586-3225 ext. 333.

For firsthand accounts and more about the reality behind this transformational, yet gentle healing see the book Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan (1995, Swan Raven & Co).  Order a copy.  You may also order it from