The Healing Power of Plants


The Plant Spirit Medicine Training Course

Here is a story about Plant Spirit Medicine healing.  It happens to be a make-believe story, but it could just as well have been true:

A man consults a healer.  He says he has glomerular nephritis, and he describes in detail his disease and the depression it is causing him.  “Can you please help me?” he asks.

The healer finds a likely plant and asks its help.

“Glomerular nephritis?” the plant says, “What the heck is that?”

The healer answers that it is a degenerative disease of the kidneys.

“What do I know about kidneys?” the plant says.  “I myself don’t have any kidneys.”

And so the conversation goes until the healer explains that when the patient’s wife died, his life became dark and cold and isolated.  It felt to him as if the sun went out.

“But you, dear plant,” says the healer, “you embody the warmth and joy of sunlight.  Can you help bring that back for this man?”

At that the plant answers, “Of course!  I know just what to do!”

The plant brings back the sun, the man finds renewed warmth, and incidentally his kidneys start to improve.

To come to know what a person needs, and to call on just the right plant to fulfill that need:  this is the basis of the Plant Spirit Medicine Course.

The Language of the World

The human mind likes data and analysis, but the natural world speaks languages of feeling and relatedness.

In ripened fruit is
      Soil’s sweet nurture,
            Life-giving mystery of water,
                      Riches of mineral,
                              Expansive warmth of the sun,
                                        Self-assertive growth.


The fruit could be a juicy peach, or it could just as easily be you.  Is it thriving?  Is it sickly?  The answer will depend on earth and sun, water and mineral and growth in relationship.  In balance.

In class we learn to speak a language of the world — the language of the Five Elements.  This millennial Chinese study teaches us to see humans as the expression of the forces of nature.  We learn to see these forces, to smell them, to hear them in the sound of the voice, to feel them in the throbbing of the pulses, to sense them emotionally.  In this way the natural world informs us what is needed in order to restore a person to balance.  We know that balance is health and imbalance is illness.

Plant Spirits, Household Shamanism, Healing

The work of healing is the work of restoring balance.  Plants are great healers, great restorers of balance, and in particular the spirit of plants have a special capacity to touch and heal the spirit of human beings.  So in class we learn to meet and listen to the spirits of plants.  For this we take the support of “household shamanism” which shows us how to meet plant spirits in the dream world, and how to learn what medicine they have to offer.

As the story about the man with “glomerular nephritis” showed, plant spirits are not fluent in scientific/materialistic language.  They have much more to offer when spoken to in a language of the world they live in — the world of sun and rain, earth and mineral and growth.

The Art of Chinese Pulse Taking

Hearing the response of the life force in the pulses — this is a particularly useful skill.  With patient practice students become adept at this traditional Chinese diagnostic method.

Clinical Work

Working as a healer not only involves learning the method of healing:  it also requires that you learn how to work with others and have a good understanding of the boundaries required for a successful healing relationship.  During this course you will learn the essentials of working with clients and opening a healing practice.  Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Establishing rapport between healer and client
  • Professional boundaries and Ethics
  • Setting up a clinical healing practice
  • Blocks to healing treatment and how to correct them